AEGIS Boost by Cynergy T Electronic Cigarette Review

The new Vandy Vapor Genie Golden Vaporizer is a desktop vaping device. The new¬†AEGIS Boost, or Golden Vaporizer, has a lot of great features that are sure to please the juicer in your household. It’s smaller than the original version and makes a perfect desktop unit for when you need to enjoy a quick hit of vapor in a hurry without having to use a bigger unit. Here’s a look at some of the key features found on this unit.

aegis boost

The new Aegis Boost Pro is small and features a smooth and refined feel in combination with a sleek and classy exterior. This vaporizer also sports a recessed back plate for a clean look and added insulation to keep the device cooler on your desk. The aegis boost Pro is the newest release of the Aegis line. This device comes in either a standard (white) or a pod style (orange/red) body and is packed with features and functions.

One of the best parts about the aegis boost to is the fact that it does not use a traditional or rechargeable battery. Instead, the device uses a high quality USB-C battery. This type of battery is a favorite among many vapers because it offers a high capacity hour of battery life. Many vapers like to use their AEGis units in the course of a full day of solid physical activity. A smaller battery like a USB-C battery will let you extend your sessions.

The ability to adjust airflow is one of the main unique features of the AEGIS Boost. The AEGIS Boost comes with a three-needle air adjustment dial. This dial allows you to smoothly control how much air is blown by the battery. You can get a smooth, constant flow of air through your AEGis Boost by adjusting the dial to about half a millimeter of clearance from the mark which can be done while the battery is still cold.

Perhaps the most important thing that sets the AEGis Boost apart from other vaporizers is its temperature accuracy. The AEGis Boost runs on a two-button control system which allows for a full range of temperatures. The temperature accuracy of this vaporizer kit is extremely important to many vapers. By letting you know when the temp has reached a certain level you will not overheat your battery and ruin your device.

The build quality of this vaporizer is second to none. The material used in the build is top notch and will keep your unit running quietly for a very long time. The AEGis Boost also features a stainless steel or a quarter stainless steel coil which is great because the heat is distributed evenly throughout the coils for a clean taste. If you love a strong flavorful vapor then this is definitely the unit for you, and it also has a long battery life.

Another great feature of the AEGIS Boost is that it can use a NiMh battery. If you don’t know what a NiMh battery is then you are in for a treat. It is a high powered cell that is capable of producing powerful flavors and vapor! This means that the AEGis Boost is very stable when using it at high temps. Also, if you want to make very strong flavors or vapor you can do so but at a higher wattage. The AEGIS Boost can even run on a single 25 wattage battery if need be.

The AEGIS Boost features a great price and a lot of unique features. The ability to use a NiMh battery with it makes this a great choice for anyone who likes a strong flavorful vapor. Also, the adjustable airflow dial allows you to adjust the amount of vapor produced. Lastly, you will like the fact that the unit only takes up a small space. In fact, all it takes is about a medium shelf space. These reasons make the AEGIS Boost by Cynergy T eGoggles the best vapor making system on the market.

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