Comment for IJOY Captain Resin TC Mod Kit : perfectly keeping the durability and delicateness in one.

Vapeciga IJOY Captain pd is the latest manufacturer 18650 Old iJoy double mod. They are not really a product stand out very popular, but they did things together pretty decent with some mistakes here and there. I’m not a fan of the original mod captain, so let’s see if it’s better.

They are updated to have a rough design, but is not resistant to water (or less not appear as such) as seen from the Aegis Jackaroo or online. However, to be impact resistant and dust. It is presented in a kit with the new V under the captain ohms vaping DL tank.

Price: $ 64.99 (in MyVpro)
Color: dark gray, red, blue, black, rainbow

Size: 136.8 mm x 52.2 mm x 33 mm
Battery: 18650 dual
Output power: 5-180 watts
resistance range: 0.05 to 3.0 ohm
Screen Size: 0.96 inches
Material: aluminum and silicon alloy
E-juice capacity: 5 ml / 2 ml
upgradeable firmware

Contents of the kit
1 x 2 mod box master iJoy
1 x USB cable
1 x master tank V (X3-mesh coil pre-installed)
C1 1 x X3-coil
1 x Manual
Warranty Card x 1

First impression

It has been long since he had tasted or even use a personal mod iJoy, so I was expecting something very different from what I received in the past. Mods last revision iJoy is diamond and Avenger.

When I came to this, however mod, which was more or less the captain only improved robust housing mod. the same screen and menu system, and the same design as a whole. The main difference is that it takes 18650, while the famous captain of origin iJoy to be one of the first dual-20700 mods.

As for the color goes, they have five options listed. I sent a rainbow. All are most of the time black, but with different colored side panels.Show new IJOY Mercury Vape Pod is silicone coated for durability. All colors have two black bands on either side of the skin and look and feel great. My beautiful arch and glossy panel and looks great too.

Captain mod 2 has all the features we see in the IJOY mods in recent years. Nothing new, but all you need for most. Selection has soft power mode, normal, hard, and the heat user (curve W in practice) and temperature control Ni200, Ti, and TCR SS mode. Nothing fancy or arrogant, but we hope that all the necessary characteristics have the mod defined herein.

Using mod Captain 2

As for the menu goes, it is the same as the original captain.

A brief description of the use of:

Five clicking the fire button to turn on and off
Three clicks to access the menu
Use the up and down arrows on the menu to select the mode and fire to accept
In CV mode, and press the first place can adjust the power, press the power fixed first
Upper and lower resistance to key in the lock mode and TC mod (key adjustment knob can still pull)
Overall, a very simple and easy to use with a good menu.

I get the limit amplifier is 40, which is normal in these days following a double mod 18650. I get the limit of 7.153 volts is that no activation circuit in this mod. Although it is not 100% necessary in the dual battery mod, it was good to have. Many companies like standard Aspire today, Innokin, Coil IJOY Jupiter click in the top of my head. However, the specifications are fairly solid. No complains; but nothing jumped too.

During my test model did a great job not hot. From the point of view of the accuracy of the model for the right time. He struggled a bit and a bit touched when I tested 0.1 ohm coils, which are quite common. In general, you tend to hit a little high. It should also be noted is that, under normal conditions, forced a difficult heat. I really hope that the company will not do. Many are accustomed to, but stopped. Flows in the direction of the MOD “hard”, but the mods should do what makes you do; and do not force yourself into something you can fool the poor critics have been raving. ding them for that too.

Overall, a solid player who can see the full results of the above tests. Also lists a charge rate of 1.5 amps and although I do not recommend to charge its internal batteries so that you can avoid, I did try. Max what I get is 1.87 amperes good note and even a bit understated. Most are rated for 2 amps to charge a rate that is more or less, so it will be accepted even a rating of 2 amps. a good job with him.

temperature control performance
TCR wire fashion SS316L use (using 0.00092) have tested four constructions:

the construction only one coil turn
single coil construction double loop
two wire single coil accumulation luxury
power is completely customizable both limit control mode full 180 watts.

Regarding performance goes, it is no secret that the IJOY Shogun jr get code not known for good temperature control. I look forward to improving the past, but did not get one. It was good at times, but very uneven. Even to the point where it falls 300F vaporizer generate heat without cutting. At other times, even in low-450F.

Ok, so do a quick overview of tank installed captain V. mesh coil is 0.15 ohm coil X3 is estimated at 40-90 watts and another includes a coil X3 0.4 ohm-C1 observed 60 -90 watts . In general, they are 17 (!) In addition to coil RBA platform options. I just sent two included so that’s all I can judge.

The tank is equipped with a right lens (2 ml) and a glass bubble (5 ml). The screw of the coil in the base, as in many other tanks. They are easy to remove and replace with an open and simply unscrewed base. you can not do with a full tank; It must be empty.

Using a tip diameter O-ring 810 Delrin Drip high level quite simple but very good match. Council resin would be better in my opinion too. All thread in the tank good and soft and the top cover can be easily removed for filling. It has two large holes filled with juice and is very easy to complete. control the airflow is smooth, easy to adjust and cover.

In general, the tank itself is not outstanding, but he was not as well done. They claim that as a leak-proof container, so for some reason. There is a tank can be sealed completely, as it will be airtight container can not. increased airflow can be tight, but still could leak in extreme cases. Anyway, as I will show record that can leak and was not a bit tired after the coil. It is normal and is not a big problem in itself, but again, will not be recorded as another anti-leak.

And do not last long either. Today, most of the coil, to the less good, can make 80-100 ml for juice tank coil DL. With this, 40 ml of pushing and flavor degraded even earlier. Vapeciga IJOY Diamond tank was nice but a kind of destruction coil tank. You can have a better tank anymore.

pros and cons
Great build quality
Nice and cover panel
Watt accurately assess
performance of the power mode solid
Buenos pins 510
Handle 30 mm without cantilevered atomizers
beautiful large screen and clear
Curve mode Watt
easy to use menu
fast charge rate (1.87 Amperes)
Robust and durable
Good amp limit
There is no limit voltage amplifier or stored
Not amplification circuit
the TC mode does not work
bottom of the tank, including performance
heat forced hard
the doorbell button
The screen is a bit low
No IP67 waterproof or other rough market mods
Tank registered as water resistant, but not

Overall, Captain 2 is an improvement of the original captain came about two years. The original is not a mod I can recommend anyone to purchase. Although not go out and get it personally, I avoid it either. This mode power mod solid with some resistance; but that’s all.

You can buy here: IJOY

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