Common Problems With the Vapeciga Smok Novo

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Common Problems With the Vapeciga Smok Novo

You should not worry too much if you have a problem with your Smok Novo. It’s a small and travel-friendly device with a very simple design and easy-to-use features. However, you should always prime refillable pods before using it to ensure the most potent vapor production. The Smok Novo has several problems that you may experience. This article will help you troubleshoot these issues.

Firstly, if you have a no-smoke issue, you should change the coil. The atomizer coil can get flooded if you have not charged it for a while. To fix this problem, you need to charge your device. This will prevent the problem from recurring. If you’ve had no smoke for some time, you should try changing the atomizer coil. In addition, you should clean the base and pod connectors to ensure maximum vaping performance.

Another common problem with the Smok Novo is that the LED light doesn’t light up. This issue usually occurs when the pod has been soaked in liquid and is not recognized by the unit. To fix this, you can clean the device with rubbing alcohol and dry it using a paper towel or a napkin. You can also try charging the device while it’s charging, but you might need a longer micro-USB cable.

Lastly, the Smok Novo can’t recognize the pod. If this happens, you should first check the battery. Sometimes it may be low or not charging at all. Then, you should try changing the atomizer coil. If it’s not charging, the device may have flooded with juice and will not fire. To fix the no-light issue, you should charge the device. It should start firing immediately.

Some people have reported that their Smok Novo doesn’t light. This issue can be caused by a number of different reasons. The most common is that the LED light is not working at all. When the LED doesn’t light, it might blink continuously. The LED can also be faulty because it is not charged properly. If this happens, try to charge the device. This will prevent you from losing vapor. This can be a very frustrating problem when you have no light or a weak vapour.

Some smokers are concerned about the battery life of their Smok Novo. They wonder if their device will last a month without recharging. This is a common complaint among smokers. It is not recommended to use a cigarette when it’s still in the charging stage. You will need to recharge the device if you want it to work at all. You will need a longer micro-USB cable to charge the device.

If you’ve been using the Smok Novo for a while, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t fire. This is due to the fact that the battery lid connectors are often clogged with vape juice. To fix this problem, you need to clean the battery lid with a dry cloth. If you’ve been experiencing the same problem, it may be a sensor problem. In this case, the smoke Novo’s air sensor could be faulty, which would lead to a battery life of only one or two days.