DEJAVU DJV Neon TC Box Mod Kit

Today we have a new single 80W 18650 Adrian Lopez and comes in two colors of black and white single-mode battery equipped with a tank under ohms at the top with the coil mesh. Plus, you get the car you drive basic VA in the package and in this video, we will do our unboxing click on the box model and we have time we will put a coil in the RBA.
So let’s dive so far DJV Dejavu Neon TC Kit comes in this package forward, we have the image of the images of the product on this side, included all on the other side, we have a control rapid response early white and color code the pot, available in two colors black and white Camelback side is clear to all DG products.
Here we have a case mod let us whites here are the tanks of our living room with a bubble shine installed and here we have a few pieces of suitable glass, have a key ring and tube plastic tube with spare parts and here is our Basic RBA repackaged to the secondary reservoir and here we have a small group of messages orange screw thread and here are some guidelines for the kit labels.
Cable warranty USB card to charge the battery and what this map DJV also started with the model is the only model 18650 80W fluorescent plastic ABS Dejavu of high quality materials and does not feel cheap at all the feeling is not very solid classic boxy little bells. We have 510 connector on top and here we have a hole for the power cord before the bottle fire under occupation buttons.

We had a small print so you can feel that we have a color screen micro USB port for charging the battery, we have a logo on both sides and nothing more than a little minimalist, basically, we have the name of a product designed by Adrian Lo dejavu Malaysia and assembled in China,
We also include a cooling coil battery world here and throw and tubes are for 18650 and 5 clicks here just to activate the DJV has been supported by a new set of chips in the execution and X on the screen, you can see the it power mode the voltage required energy in standby mode is the normal time now wait and bar battery to access the menu needs to support 3 times and here we have our control temperature here now is nickel thus can adjust the temperature.
If you delete using water and shutter button, you can switch to matter here titanium stainless steel and just hit the time to select 1 2 3 times next is how stress and its rise up to 8 volts, so guess is better vapor as vaporizer in the high resistance constructed and will be sufficient power for its rollers 1 2 3 and the power curve here, you can choose the power steps and vaporizer output Yap 1 2 3 times and is here can be adjusted the brightness of the screen, press and select.

Back to power mode and do what you energy to run X or X 80 chipset 80 watts maximum width we can around here and choose the way of normal height and let slowly to normal, the game chip has all the security protection as well and supports two-arm fast loading we do now am.
Check here atomizer and sub-ohm neon neon tank DJV 24 mm at the base 28 in the glass bubble holding 4.5 m / s with this class and 2.5 m / s with the right lens of the above, it is came with the first 810 of the judgment in the fuel system of the upper end of the acrylic decline here are three places to the juice at the bottom we have three one two three airflow adapted to the starter.
Remove the cover and here we can see the double after a single coil, we have air circulate here in the corner and it seems that we have the air flow air flow down, so here twice port for cotton week and left on the base, as we Yap background with him now if we are to build on top of the child DJV neon by data of 8 mm and it is time to save the cloud so began the first match point I fully open the air stream 55 watts, even if the coil is estimated at 20 to 40 watts.
if I remember about but I think it is underestimated if 55 watts, in my opinion, really adapted to leave him and he is a very good number of mesh coils, but the coil is also expected its net could taste was not too bad, I think it’s not quite as authority.
We will increase up to 60 to try again yes a little warmer and the air flow is very smooth as you can hear and I would say it was not really Avery, but the things we can maybe even try to deal directly down, he still as wonderful third is a sense of healing if we try RBA, it is 2.5 millimeters to join the club and coils inside for poetry and my races home in the air of 50 watts is fully open and VIPs.
I can tell you right away that the RBA cut the base limit, no more adds that the thread spool now hot on the length limit and you can feel that you are a long time to start working the right way for him, but he has little different lots and a coil, obviously, if you try to understand and even air flow completely open as I say limited, but I think you can still play with the coil.
I was placed right in the middle is not too low and not too high, but I think if you lift coil slightly to provide some space does not interfere with air circulation, it can get a little more space, but the bread as a fun shot of little lungs it is and good taste and good clothes for single coil, as you can see.

So in conclusion, I would say two children with Ed Walters was always very plastic slow and light ultra light and very portable well with solid Simone delicious tank, but you can get for a RBA base in the package are a huge drop in my opinion.

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