Don’t smoking, all because of her… .

Want to smoke, don’t quit, “is actually” nicotine addiction. Quit don’t prop “hard”, can through the act of medical assistance, the psychological intervention and guidance to achieve higher success rate. Smoke, of course, also can use steam assisted method, by gradually reduce the nicotine content in the di, quit smoking gradually to achieve.

Is designed with nicotine replacement therapy recommended by the World Health OrganizationCondition before quitting Smoking: 1.5-2 packs per day Status: heavy smoker Self-perception: I feel that the air I breathe out of my lungs smells like tar.I felt that I should give up smoking, but I tried many methods without any effect. When I felt helpless, my friend recommended me to stop smoking. With a try and try the state of mind, buy not to bother men god money. It worked in less than a week and is now completely detoxified.Get ready to Quit Smoking Get ready to quit smoking: Tools/ingredients Don’t bother an electronic steam cigarette mini bully. Don’t bother with one or more types of smoke oil. A little will to quit smoking and a little attitude to quit smoking.

Electronic consumables to steam of smoke is smoke oil, compared with the traditional tobacco, smoke oil and conventional cigarettes on the texture similarity is 80%, at the same time does not produce second-hand smoke, non-toxic, no peculiar smell. In order to play a role for smoke, we really smoke taste of smoke oil in addition to water, propylene glycol, natural flavor, glycerin and other ingredients, also added a small amount of nicotine, excluding traditional carcinogens in cigarette smoke. According to statistics, every one is absorbed by the body of nicotine in cigarettes, 60-120 mg per bottle electronic cigarette smoke oil is equivalent to the amount of a smoke, absorbed by the body of nicotine content of 0.1 milligrams, namely traditional cigarettes, ancient J is electric smoke of 600-1200 times. Ordinary carcinogenic ingredients in cigarettes is tar and heavy metals, nicotine is an alkaloid, a large number of nicotine can cause nerve stimulation, pleasure and addiction of smokers. So nicotine does not cause acne, but it is the principal causes of smoking, nicotine in smoke oil is trace, lack of addiction. Plus a little bit of will and a little bit of quitting smoking attitude experience of quitting after three steps, the first step for tobacco use it to replace your smoking at ordinary times is the second step, tobacco smoke, that is, control of your smoke, usually a pack a day, then use electronic cigarettes was reduced to half a pack is very relaxed, slowly decrease will reach our control. The third step, quit smoking because you smoke electronic cigarettes are not a large amount of nicotine, you unknowingly had already get rid of the dependence on traditional tobacco. Experienced three stages of the first stage, it will not be bored instead of real cigarette (30 days) is a high concentration of nicotine content of smoke oil with adapted to a few days, will feel strong high oil, a little spicy. The second phase, control smoke (20 days) with low concentration of nicotine ordinary oil, for a period of time or to feel strong, is the fruit smoke oil without nicotine. The third stage, can only use no nicotine fruit oil (10 days) this stage is to consolidate stage, don’t get rid of electronic cigarettes. In a few days is to give it up completely. This is my quitting (consolidate quit smoking a month, a month, after 60 days completely give up smoking. Human body is wrong, don’t bother steam smoke depend on after quitting can lose at any time. Feeling: subjective to have quit smoking after quitting smoking will last if hard resistance to quit smoking is by will, ninety percent perspiration and ten percent methods techniques.

Use not vexed electronic cigarette smoking cessation is ten percent perspiration and ninety percent of techniques. I began to smoke from the no smoking. Don’t count on taste and cigarettes. The actual electronic cigarettes taste is absolutely better than conventional cigarettes. Now I’m disgusting smell of conventional cigarettes. People need is added nicotine smoking. Tar and smoke is on your side. Finished electronic cigarettes to smoke cigarette like let you rolled paper leaves a feeling. Because of nicotine in your body is enough. The current oil smoke taste can only say that close, could not have exactly the same. As long as you stick to take two days, don’t want to smoke cigarettes, traditional. For health, it is worth. At least your lungs will not black. In imperceptible in, you will be quit smoking. Small make up summary  the principle of smoke and steam boom to quit smoking did not bother steam smoke through the cloud heating oil smoke, will smoke oil is converted to steam, lift the illusions about nicotine addiction to users, refreshing. At the same time to meet the user’s psychological and physiological needs. In the form of the tobacco and security of small doses of nicotine preparations, this not is extracted from tobacco, but from coffee, tea and other plants, to replace the large dose of nicotine contained in tobacco. The smoke oil components for safe edible – propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, and flavor. According to the need to substitute not vexed steam smoke cigarettes – at the same time of alternative control quantity, finally achieve the goal of quitting smoking.

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