Experience of Moti One Pod System

The packaging is very similar to what your pod, battery, micro USB cable and manual. Nothing special and is something that is very familiar. The installation is very similar to 90% of the basket on the current system market. It is magnetic pod connected to the battery. The filling platform or AMT “tap to fill the” mechanics developed by Vaporesso we see in Podstick, zero degrees and Renova. It is a familiar design that makes sense to me. The battery itself is quite difficult to press a small button at the bottom because of its size. If you than I imagined more beams that would be a little more difficult. For only your pod filling stockings and insert into the battery and you’re good to go.

This is the same technology, the rapid heating coil zero Renova ceramic. You have many tastes and interests is very convenient. It stuck in the middle and open. This pod is the winner rolls. Moreover, the dispenser can be annoying sometimes, but good enough for most. 350mAh battery. He needs me in his day failed, and it takes about an hour to fully charge. He is not convinced. range battery power 9 to 12, but you can not say that since the LED light changes color and no sign that you set the power. The taste is very good. Ceramic really make a difference. The rolls should feel almost zero for most users POD system quite familiar. I like the way vaped.

Moti One Pod


  • Great flavor
  • Easy to get going
  • VW • Versatile draw


  • Battery life is not great at all
  • Button is too small for people with chungus fingers
  • LED indicator is not an indicator of anything unfortunately

Pod system is good vape in terms of performance in. However, they are left with efficiency and style.

Thank you for reading 2in1 first to comment! Hopefully it looks good and wants more. Both devices are all very affordable online and get proper evaporator for the price, of course. I always say that the gondola system has a very important place in our industry. Vaper Each level has a use for them, and what is important in the way. Thank you for reading, please send MOTI out! Let me know if you like style 2in1 inspection. I really enjoyed that. As usual, it will be on the road for more products! So stay tuned and you will see in the next revision.


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