Hot Pro Review – MOTI PIIN and MOTI Pod Kit Combo


Vaping I built for 8 years and 7 years. I’m a fan of steam and non-critical professionals. I am not associated with the company. I hope you are all well in light of the epidemic. My last comment is not a time (long time) because I am very busy in real life. begins to catch.


This article was submitted by Moti vape MOTI. MOTI MOTI using both piin and pod original kit in one device. MOTI MOTI piin Pod (not to be confused with MOTI!) Fully available and the original kit is a device similar to a rechargeable device Juul, but pods come in both prefilled systems and non-rechargeable and open the capsule. We’ll see.

MOTI Pod specifications:

  • Dimensions:
    • 115 mm length
    • 20 mm width
    • 10 mm depth
  • 8 ml e-liquid capacity, prefilled (salt nic), non-refillable (1.2 – 1.5 ohm)
  • Draw-activated
  • 500 mah internal battery
  • Micro-USB charging

What’s inbox:

  • 1x Moti Pod Device
  • 2x Prefilled Pods (new MOTI pods are also available with open pod system option)
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual

MOTI PIIN specifications:

  • Draw-activated
  • 6ml prefilled 20/50mg Salt Nicotine (1.6 ohm)
  • 320 mAh non-rechargeable internal battery
  • 40g weight

First see:

I come MOTI pods Pod pre-installed with the package, as well as additional MOTI including two 3-packs preset sleeves by a good evaluation. The packaging is fairly simple, and the device – Budget of the envelope. The same goes for Moti PIINs. Disposable equipment is of course to be expected – will be eliminated sooner or later.


Both piin MOTI MOTI has a complete unit and the sheath is enabled. MOTI Pod comes in a variety of new rich – black, blue, bronze, red, turquoise, white, yellow, pink, and rainbow. Furthermore, there is the option to go either to pre-assigned pods or capsules Juul experience as a refill to use its own juice and possibly the maximum life of the coil obtained from each module rare vaporizer industry. Moti PIINs available in 10 different flavors. I here do not all go to the list (see the website of the check MOTI, but do not think I can connect, as they have completed spot sales), but each flavor decorated in different ways, so it fits with the flavor, which is pretty cool. Both devices are very compact and almost invisible in the pocket. The pods have a distinctive click Pod MOTI, but they pose and toys altogether, which is good. MOTI prefilled pods rated 1.2-1.5 ohms, I would say quite a gap. This is a significant difference in performance between the pods. While you are with does not appear, however, they are quite consistent MOTI Replacement Pre-filled Pod. Sheaths Moti 1.8 ml, 20 mg / ml. Moti PIINs designed with a 1.6 ohm. Their ml to 20 mg / ml is available and 50 mg / ml, 1.6. The interesting both Pod and Moti Moti piin very similarly, beautifully limited only by MOTI piin little more limited. Moti arm (not PIINs) has a distinctive design of the air stream as a double sheath call. This means that the juice is sprayed two barrels usually only needed escalations. This leads to a surprisingly smooth vape. MOTI MOTI piin both Pod and more restrictive than the system checked POD MOTI a few months ago. I learned that there is no leakage of retrograde drainage or Moti screening with one of the pods, they work like a charm from start to finish. I would like to open and rebuild, but can not be opened without breaking. 500 mAh exactly what you would expect from a MOTI MOJO Disposable Vape device the size of the sheath and even MOTI MOTI piin 320 mAh battery.

moti one pod


MOTI One Pod company send me tobacco, pineapple ice, and preset pods menthol. I must say that all tastes surprisingly intense. Search for those looking for a very strong menthol – that’s it. You feel like in each bottle clove aroma stumble. Definitely worth a try if you continue with the right menthol to the end. My favorite is pineapple ice. 20 mg/ml a little too hard for me to use as casual. Peppers optional 10 mg might be good sales. Losses pods Moti Moti Replacement Pod Cartridge (also applies to pod piin SOMI) is that they are easily bored all more or less mint and mint.


Ok, the first time I came out of the pack and take the train when he felt like he was hit by a train. It is 50 mg is much stronger than Juuls Juul has a slightly higher nicotine content, but operates on half the energy PIINs. After the state of charge of the battery, but, surprisingly, to a reasonable level voltage and the intensity decreases sharply. MOTI Piin Disposable Vape tasted like pineapple ice cream, blueberries, grapes and jasmine. Pineapple ice killed me really, I liked both systems. Bilberry is fine, jasmine is pretty bad and the wine is very bad because it feels very artificial. Do yourself, but if you are a heavy smoker, then I recommend staying mg in 50th 20 mg should be sufficient.

moti piin

Other notes

All these sounds? Now I think we have to talk about the price, the steep side. I can see MOTI PIINs $ 10-15 each sold – it’s kind. I would say it should be closer to $ 5-6 for possible. While the price of $ 25-30 MOTI Pod priced good for is obtained, no pods preassigned to $ 20 for the package 4, which is a little expensive, but not as much as PIINs. I should pay the feeling 12 to $ 15 for a pack of 4.


  • Easy to use
  • No leaks, spitback
  • Smooth draw
  • strong flavors
  • MOTI Pod can be used both with closed system and open system pods


  • Price
  • Disposable (waste)
  • Choice of nicotine strengths could be better
  • Small choice of non-minti flavors


I recommend it For smokers who try to quit smoking and need the device easy to use – yes. 50mg paralysis even heavy smokers and there is an option for Weening slowly. If you are already Vaper However, I can not recommend this as the price to operate above creates unnecessary waste in this case can be avoided.

Thanks for reading!

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