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The appearance was the highlight of this product. inspired According to official data, the design of this product is oval, you can “roll” and the most beautiful faces. introduced this product to the German Greens, the annual awards for creative product Moti pod system¬†green business in Germany. It is also an international competition for creative design and sustainable products and concepts. At first glance, the appearance of the device and gives me the impression that a very unusual way. Perhaps the beauty of an irregular arc. Therefore, everything has two sides, and the unusual beauty always a strange mix. What the “shoehorn” and “hard shoe” the traditional relationship between labor and product MOTI MOJO, look elsewhere for a more pleasant, please. 10/10


fried wear essentially does not have this problem, and this problem has not disposable 10.10

personal vaping has occurred in condensation situations. 10/10

Burnt core:
vaping normal frequency is not the cause. 10/10

Back Spit:
Pin not return to find. 10/10

Reduced neck and taste satisfaction:
This single shell of the E-liquid tank independently coated cotton and oil for relatively clean and hygienically enclosed in a closed cabin.

Sparkling water:
The nicotine content of 50 mg/ml and the feeling of satisfaction moderate neck. Compared to the type of load, the new product is the original flavor of Coke from at a time, and do not set the fragrant flowers. The unique taste of cola carbonated convergence and good behavior. Bladder feels relatively worse than the ceramic core in this case because the base is cotton. The taste is always consistent style MOTI with a high degree of sweetness, cooling, ice-making brought cola taste with expression. Directions generally cold cola taste with consistent taste pod system SOMI. 7.5 / 10

The nicotine content of 50 mg/ml, and the satisfaction of moderate throat. The entrance is a perfect old sugar egg on a stick, precise instructions. continuous kiss banana smoothie for smoking such as feeling, it is the satisfaction of eating the ice age, when I was a child and the memory of the past. flexibility and an ideal location to enjoy full, rich. The only drawback is that freshness with gentle accumulation and fat. It is advisable to reduce a little freshness. 8:10
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Pineapple ice:
Nicotine reaches 50 mg/ml, neck, and moderate satisfaction. The emphasis is on the sweet flavor of the paste of pineapple juice, natural flavors, this is the first bite into the lungs as a pineapple filled pit exploded in my mouth. new minimum, and most important is the sweetness of the pineapple. It feels good! 9:10

Green beans Smoothie:
Nicotine 50 mg/ml, the moderate satisfaction neck. Frozen green beans sweet desserts to be very good. Cold on average and the taste remains in the mouth for a long time. 7.5 / 10

Classic Smoking:
Nicotine is 50 mg/ml, a strong neck. typical mother tobacco flavor grilled peanut tobacco air without unpleasant odors recovered tar flavor in the beans were very rich and dominant. Personally, I do not smoke, but the tobacco flavor did not feel I could evaporate. 7:10
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e-liquid battery 250 mAh official data can produce about 200 shots. This article is based on vaping intensity and frequency, and references. 7:10

At present, the evaporator homogenization of the market covered heavily when the memory of the shape or U-disk, not really new. The emergence of a new envelope of the evaporator MOTI completely different. This unit has an attractive and differentiated experience. It is ergonomically in the hand and looks like a space ship in a science fiction movie. It was brilliant. Kit conjecture style is a product introduction perfume Moti way, not much difference in vapor. I am very interested in consumer feedback when market. I believe that many customers come from this single screen. People enjoy the strange psychology and new value MOTI MOJO. 9:10

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