Review For Lost Vape Orion : 17 watts of power and a 950 mAh battery

Vapeciga lost vape orion is probably the biggest pod vaporizer last year. Now, in 2019, lost vaporizer published the second edition, Orion Quest (Q). This is a version paired down the original Orion GB for less than half the price, but most unique features go electronic.

Orion Q has an internal battery of 950 mAh and the output power is set at 17 watts. No matter evo DNA and adjustments. The device is equipped either by itself without gloves, or may be acquired pod cover kit comes with 2 ml of 1.0 ohm Kanthal coils (only official mission sheath).

From the outside, the entrance, there is almost no difference between the two versions. What remains is to find quality construction and design. But is that enough to compensate for the lack of other functions?

Of the frame: stainless steel, black, blue, gold (all come with panels made of carbon fiber)
Price: $ 27.95 (in the vaporization element)

Dimensions: 93 mm x 37 mm x 13.5 mm
950mAh rechargeable battery
flat own chipset
Maximum output power: 17 watts
stainless steel frame and PC-110 (Food Grade) pod Construction
Intuitive LED light – appropriate evaluation mode
The plans are very reactive and the Settings button
cartridge loading design nacelle 2 ml
plants belonging to the cartridge sheath
1.0 ohms KTR pod Orion – Kanthal
Delrin sophisticated drip drop MTL
airflow double adjustment – is drops
screw cap, filling design
micro USB port
short circuit protection
Low battery protection
Climate protection
Protection of low resistance / high
Frame color: steel / gold / black / blue

The contents of the kit
No. 1 x lack of Orion Q vaporizer
1 x micro USB cable
1 x 2 ml of 1.0 ohm-pod
1 x instruction manual
construction quality and design
Q vaporizer critical shortage Orion | medium-GO
As mentioned above, Orion Orion Q is essentially a GO with a different chip. If you are not familiar with GO, then I will discuss the search for her.

Vapeciga lost vape orion is a quality built camera pod and well designed. It has some weight to it, although it does not bother it is easy to carry. It is a vaporizer rectangular stainless steel frame and carbon fiber panels.

With thick plastic sleeve search weighs approximately 85 grams and dimensions of 93 mm x 37 mm x 13.5 mm. the sheath has a slot adjustable dual flow air from the knurled ring on the base of the funnel itself and the filling opening screw on top of the nacelle. pod filling is very easy. You can practically pour the juice, but because there is a lot of cotton on a boat, I recommend you wait less than 15 minutes fully saturated.

After the pods on the device, they are very safe. There is a line and take a module system that is inserted into and removed from the slide switch on the side of the unit. To insert the sheath, the base of the capsule angle (funnel) to the rear of the pod housing; then press the top of the filling until it clicks.

Posted by circulating the shutter button switch pod. Only they found easily without looking at the elevator, and is sensitive. Have the smallest bit of a rattle, but only if vigorous stirring.

Orion Q vaporizer critical shortage | Half GO
Orion Q performance good and fun to use, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Although Vape tacit pods, and they do not leak, sputum or pop, some have too much cotton in the coil. Increasing the saturation time and the rest time in the coil. Sometimes, a good part of the first filling feels very far, to the point where it had a burnt taste success. It also means that all cotton takes a postponement of feeling more than usual.

After the break in the coil, each sheath my last about one week (or recharge 1-2 days) before the downward direction. Q good teeth Vape 1.0 ohm flavor and steam, but mainly affects the lungs or pulmonary DL success limited from the top VG juice.

It seems counterintuitive for success in the pod DL 1.0 ohms, but it works. Unfortunately, the lost vape orion show new does not do well for me with MTL – 17 watts of 1.0 ohm coils to make ends too hot, get hit in a row when the airflow is closed.

Q pod support for Orion GO, GO resistance of 0.25 ohm case is outside the scope of the Q and not pull them. 0.5 ohm dental work, but the performance was risky for me lately. Sometimes good and sometimes fried too hot. Also note that the dental work Q IR in Orion, but writing and will play with the settings.

front port / down well placed micro USB (unlike GO), but only to receive a payment. GO, oddly placed in the port and write firmware update and use.

There is a small LED just above the micro USB port which represents the state of charge in three colors:

Light Blue: 64-100
Violet: 18-64%
Red: 0-17%
As for the battery, which is great if used 0.5 ohm (GO) or sheath 1.0 ohm (Q). Even when my light is red, seems to be taking longer than expected percentage. I always have more than one day, and sometimes two days of costs. I clocked charging more than 90 minutes when connected to a computer – a pity that there is no charge for the impact of the cost of time. When charging is complete, the blue light (can not wait to leave). Overall, if you want a small pocket to carry the device, battery Q bonuses do!

pros and cons
Already done well
The pods are completely safe
Battery long duration
Easy to fill
release switch pod fun to use
adjustable air flow
flavor and vapor worthy
1.0 Ohm Q sheath does not work well for MTL
Some pods also have spools of thread
the cost of a long passage through

For half the price of the lost vape orion get code, Q is a solid purchase. Q has its flaws, but it was better than most fried pod on the market. cotton pods cut desire vaporizer lack of them, because I think the quality of pain vaporizer.

But even with that, long battery life and build quality and design, Q is hard to beat. Not having all the electronic features of the parade, but not everyone needs or wants all, especially for the higher costs.

I am confident in recommending these devices to the DL, hits the lungs is limited by the low mg e-juice, and I do not recommend the use of high-strength salt nic. Also, remember that, for example, lost a vaporizer to be used only by Q. Q pods

You can buy here:lost vape orioni

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