Teach you how to DIY atomizer

Today teach you ways to DIY atomizer, finished cloud it due to the straightforward and convenient use, so has been the new steam smoke first choice, but the finished cloud it’s always a couple of unbearable shortcomings, so can’t stand the finished product of cloud users might need to homemade DIY computer .

Finished atomizer shortcomings:

1 Use cost is high.
The service lifetime of common products on the market the atomization core for 2 to 3 weeks at the most . within the use of certain high content of VG manual oil smoke, even two or three warehouse oil would need to change a. and therefore the authenticity of atomization core prices are generalsmok-nord-kit-standard-editionly not low. Such an extended time, replace the atomization core may be a not small cost.
2 Poor taste experience.
Finished product atomizer, convenient for later use and control the assembly cost of atomizing core, made within the production process and structure, there are many restrictions. Manufacturers need to , hand over the pursuit of some taste to style the atomizer. And unifying the doctrine of the mean , atomization core production, for players to not adjust the resistance value consistent with his be keen on , make tons of smoke oil can’t show his charm.
3. The frying oil, oil spill.
The oil! The oil! The oil! this is often the overwhelming majority of the finished product atomizer cannot erase the pain. Even carefully in use process, if they’re placed for an extended time needn’t , but make the atomization core cotton absorb an excessive amount of oil, oil smoke or within the downstream of gravity. and sometimes is that the rhythm of a leak i could not stop, until the entire oil warehouse light-leaking.In fact, as long as a well-made and suitable DIY atomizer can perfect solve these problems. But many novice to try to to your own core always feel abnormal cumbersome and sophisticated , do not know the way to start. Make it hovering outside the door can’t easily to undertake . actually all haven’t any imagination of so difficult, move hands, this step, you’ll find a replacement sky.
DIY atomizer core doesn’t want to try to to . Do core simplification is not any quite three steps, coil, fixed coil, wear cotton. is extremely simple, isn’t? As long because the sound of body and mind, aware of the friend, can do it. So do not be afraid, to get down their fears. All things are difficult before they’re easy, and only to start out the remainder easy.After is to settle on for yourself and work good atomizer. there is no got to say more, choose an easy and easy-to-use. Plus ca change, DIY atomizer on the principle of an equivalent , as long as you understand, it’s extremely easy to suit other, again.

Homemade DIY atomizer start.

1. The resistance on the atomizer.
Good coil round the atomizer base fixed, want to be in with a screwdriver or don’t begin the wire rods, avoid ripped coil deformation when installation. Don’t see no problems with the old hands off single fixed, novice and do not try.
2 wire forming
Auxiliary tool for the party, as long because the correct use of wire tools, basic won’t appear this problem. If you’re employing a screwdriver or wire rods, actually just remember two things, first effort, do not be willing to spare or use. The second slowly, slowly but surely, a circle found wandering the corrected immediately.
3 After resistance wire fixed good, ordinary kang thayer wire must first receive regulating box electric heat, is understood because the silk.
This is to check the resistance, accomplish know fairly well. Another within the process of heating in resistance wire surface oxide layer, to avoid a tightly wound wire shortRuth. Burning wire resistance within the process of the wire is soft, easy to finalize the planning , can use ceramic taken during this point then adjust the coil shape. additionally , remember that temperature control isn’t to burn the silk silk, make certain to stay in mind.
4 what proportion wear cotton related to around the resistance wire diameter.
To wear cotton can pull move around after enter but there’s still some resistance is advisable. you recognize cotton isn’t the more the higher , an excessive amount of of the cotton, will cause the coil a part of cotton by compaction, oil makes the guide. this is often a replacement common mistake.
5 After wearing cotton, first drop a couple of drops of glycerin or smoke oil to be used, electrified and heated, to get rid of the smell of cotton at an equivalent time, but also to stop direct use dry after refuelingBurning of cotton.
6 on how long to exchange cotton and resistance wire this haven’t any fixed deadline , generally have the smell of burnt food should change the cotton. After all, only during a cotton is additionally very simple isn’t it?” In cotton can dry the resistance wire, the wire on the carbon burned. Wattage don’t too high, to avoid the resistance wire. A coil are often repeated for several times of cotton.

That is to show you ways to related introduction, homemade DNY atomizer still stand finished atomizer? Might also the homemade DIY atomizer, homemade DIY cloud actually it’s not so complicated, isn’t it?

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