The Uwell Caliburn Koko Rechargeable Battery


DESCRIPTION. Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime Vision is the newest version of KOKO line of products. Designed using the same square, small, compact style as its predecessors Caliburn Koko and Caliburn Ninja, the new KOKO Prime Vision combines contemporary styling with sleek, futuristic looks. Equipped with an innovative rechargeable Type-C fast charging port, capable of delivering more than 18W of maximum power. With the powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, it is capable of charging and powering up in just a matter of minutes.

This awesome little vision kit features a sleek, futuristic design and is extremely durable. The sturdy, indestructible, and universal voltage adaptor ensures that the device will work no matter what type of voltage you are using. There is also an intuitive, touch-sensitive, digital screen which allows you to easily switch from text to video with the push of a single button. The powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batter is capable of charging and powering your device for up to eighteen hours.

A powerful charging system and a high wattage battery will make your Vapes rock, and with the Caliburn Prime Vision you can be assured that you will never run out of juice. Included in this awesome kit is a powerful triple A battery, an amp extension, and a universal voltage adaptor. This makes the Uwell caliburn KOKO prime vision Pod system the perfect accessory to accompany your existing Vapes.

You won’t believe the incredible amount of versatility this item provides. One of the coolest aspects to this amazing vaporizer is its ability to use three different types of cartridges based on the wattage that you choose to use. The standard type-c is definitely the most inexpensive, but it does not offer a very long charge time and the temperature control is minimal. The next type-c is the premium grade which offers a decent charge time and much better temperature control, along with an additional hour of battery life.

If you want to experience the ultimate in vaporizing with your Uwell caliburn KOKO prime vision Pod system, you should consider upgrading to the premium grade, which has a much longer charge time and offers a more comfortable temperature range. The biggest difference with these two types-c and premium-grade units is that they do not use the same temperature control technology. Premium units are more expensive, however, due to the fact that they use a lot more power. However, the extra power allows them to offer better vaporizing time, which makes them more desirable compared to the former.

The great thing about Uwell caliburn Koko is the way it looks. It is constructed with a beautiful translucent body that complements its stainless steel precision-tuned glass components. It uses a single-piece, single-honed glass panel with four triple-A batteries located in the corners. It also includes a USB cord, a warranty card, a carry case, and an easy-to-follow instructions manual. Although it looks amazing, this unit isn’t as powerful as the rest of the line, and is recommended for only advanced and professional vapers.

Since it utilizes a single-piece glass and stainless steel construction, it’s designed to be extremely functional. Most units will utilize one or two pre-installed coils. The uwell caliburn koko utilizes three pre-installed coils to provide optimal vaporing performance. The high efficiency of single-piece construction means that there are considerably less defects when using it compared to other kits. Due to the high efficiency and low heat dissipation, these pre-installed coils provide the lowest possible temperature outside of NiMh and atomizer filters.

The dual-chamber uwell system on the caliburn allows for two standard voltage settings. While the low setting will allow the system to work at lower wattages, the high setting is capable of reaching up to five hundred and twenty five watts without any noticeable increase in energy use. The highest wattage setting of forty-five watts will support higher wattage devices. Other items that can be used in the system include a stainless steel mesh housing, an un2 meshed-h 0.8ohm coil, a stainless steel balancer ring, and a stainless steel air flow meter.

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