Why is the Dead Rabbit V2 So Good?

The new Hellvapedead Rabbit V2 is a bigger, better version that delivers on it’s predecessor’s high quality and functionality. The original Dead Rabbit was such a big hit, it spawned a second sith-like vapore to take it’s place. The original Dead Rabbit had it’s issues, but the V2 fixes most of them. There are some minor issues with the press release I found, but overall the paper is excellent. I hope you enjoy the read.

“A delicious blend of fruit and spices, the¬†dead rabbit v2¬†gives your Vaping experience an extra kick. With a blend of fruity notes, this product provides a juicy throat hit that will send your senses into overdrive. With a smooth consistency, this product makes any style of fruity juice the perfect match for this year’s big release. With it’s powerful cinnamon and spice flavour, VapeFiks will surely be a hit.”

“A fruity blend of berries, apple, cherry, and pineapples blended together with a touch of spiciness, the dead rabbit v2 gives you a perfect blend. With a light fluffy texture, the cyclops will certainly keep you interested. It’s packaged in a clear plastic case that keeps contents cool. The infuser is made of durable clear polycarbonate, and it comes complete with two sterile silicone dabs for precise top airflow control. Each side of the lid has a rubber sealing edge for an airtight seal, and the inner surface can be removed to clean. The lid even has an adjustable air lock, for precise air flow control.”

“The dead rabbit v2 really changed my daily life for the better. After using the standard one I was very content, but found that this one gave me an extra burst of power that I always needed. With the eight10 drip tip the perfect amount of vapor is delivered, and the cyclops are so much better than they were before. I definitely recommend this product.”

This is a pretty good review of the original version. However, there are quite a few differences between the two versions. In particular the key difference is the amount of vapor produced. In the original version users had to wiggle the top glass to release the steam, whereas with the new model all you have to do is pull down on the side of the glass. There’s also a plastic tab on the side that allows you to pull out the steam.

The build quality is good, although maybe a little on the cheap side. The original version used a plastic mold, while the newer model uses glass as the exterior material. Either way both are very sturdy. The material used to build the body is very well finished and looks great. The fact that it is both durable and looks nice really does help to make up for the cheap plastic body, though if you were expecting a plastic build, you’ll be disappointed.

In the original dead rabbit v2, the airflow was improved by putting in a larger air guide at the bottom of the reservoir. The improved build quality allows for a much better airflow, which means you can get more vapor before you need it. It also means you can get much more of the vapor into the lungs before you have to breathe it in. While I was able to increase the amount of vapor in the original, I could barely get any out of the newer version. The airflow on the newer version is much better, and is made of a very durable plastic material.

The other big improvement is the change in the base of the reservoir. In the original, the base had two copper coils, one on top and one below the base. The new model has three copper coils, rather than two. The change in the base means that you can get a much better flavour with the v2, and that it is a lot more efficient at drawing in the vapour for your draws.

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