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The RELX Classic has a draw-activated design that makes vapor only when you take a drag from the mouthpiece. The teardrop-shaped LED on the battery comes on when you take a drag. After the drag, the device goes into sleep mode. You can turn it back on by inhaling.

The RELX Classic is easy to use and comes with an instructional manual. It uses a standard micro-USB charging cord and the coil is tuned for the battery for maximum battery life. You’ll notice a “ghost hit” when the battery is charging, and the little teardrop LED will flash when it’s ready for a draw.

The RELX Classic vape pen is made from aluminum alloy and contains PCTG, a material that is resistant to high temperatures and does not release harmful toxins. Its battery has a 350-mA capacity and takes about a half hour to charge. Among the many RELX vapes available, the RELX Alpha Kit is a flavor-filled kit that enables you to enjoy a unique, flavor-infused experience without the harmful toxins of cigarettes.

The RELX Classic pod vape consists of two parts: a battery device and pods. Both parts are attached with a magnetic connection, and they won’t fall out on their own. However, you may drop it and lose a pod. Then you can simply re-insert the pods.

The RELX Alpha Pod System is another RELX product. It’s a pen-style device that features a patented honeycomb ceramic coil that allows for pure flavor and vapor production. This device is compatible with nicotine salt-based flavor pods. It also comes with a micro USB charging cable, which means that you can charge it without having to unplug it.

The RELX Classic e-liquid comes in a variety of flavours. Some of them are fruity, while others are more complex and more menthol-based. For instance, RELX Strawberry Shake is a fruity, menthol-ice blend that tastes similar to strawberry shake.

If you love fruity desserts, RELX is for you. These delicate and refreshing flavors will remind you of childhood summers. You can enjoy these flavors by vaping throughout the day and in between meals. They’ll make your mornings a joyous time. For more information, visit Relx Vape Usa today!