What are the new electronic cigarette atomizer in 2020?

What are the new e-cigarette atomizers for 2020? additionally to the event of small cigarettes, there are many e-cigarette players who have a robust pursuit of smoke and taste. This also enables many manufacturers to not hand over the research and development of other product types while developing small tobacco products. within the booming period of small tobacco, many new cloud devices are still delivered to consumers.
What are the new electronic cigarette atomizer in 2020? Here are 5, 2020 the introduction of latest electronic cigarette atomizer.
What are the new electronic cigarette atomizer in 2020? FIRVAPE BADGER RDA
Product features: double suction nozzle configuration, unique side turn bottom intake, single oil spray.
Recommended reason: the inlet structure are often said to be the highlights in BADGER atomizer, into the side of the intake from the shell, is that the base of the atomizer inlet slot drainage into the atomization within the sort of inlet at rock bottom of the warehouse. Seemingly for inlet at rock bottom of the structure can bring and pure air inlet at rock bottom of the completely different inspiratory resistance and therefore the performance of the palate.As one drop of oil atomizer, BADGER wasn’t equipped with oil at rock bottom of the screw, it’s a shame.What are the new electronic smoke it 2020? OVALE ou whoever EMODE RFA molecular atomizer product features: RFC heating tablets, heat a million times life, minimalist way of atomizing core reconstruction.Recommended reason: the imported RFC heating as component of the valve to molecular atomizer, with quite 1 million component life, don’t got to replace the component only replace the guide oil cotton can complete zero core production. quite that, the RFC heating piece is more exquisite taste than ordinary coil performance, after while using carbon removal is simpler than the coil.
What are the new electronic cigarette atomizer in 2020? DIGIFLAVOR DROP SOLO RDAProduct features: two bin cover, but at rock bottom of the oil, 22 mm in diameter, single drops of oil atomizer.Recommended reason: the DIGIFLAVOR launched DROP SOLO atomizer is additionally a cooperative product, 22 mm diameter let whole atomizer looks very compact. Two sorts of different material atomizer warehouse cover can let atomizer produce great changes in appearance, at an equivalent time, there’ll be two different inlet mode.Fixed is extremely simple, single coil with oil at rock bottom of the screw are often an honest match the oil at rock bottom of the equipment.
What are the new electronic cigarette atomizer in 2020? F PROFILE RDA WOTOFO flourishingProduct features: internet oil atomizer, finished internet component , compatible with fancy coil.Recommended reason: the flourishing, fu has been occupying the leading brand within the field of electronic cigarette atomizer, constantly bring surprise consumers. PROFILE atomizer remains produced by popular special blessing to figure with people evaluating products, on the planning of the component and electrode in originality, the finished product of internet component atomizer have easier way of atomizing core production, at an equivalent time, internet brings quality will bring new user experience.
What are the new electric YunQi in 2020? VXV TECH SOUL MAT E RTAProduct features: a tribute KFLP structure, mouth sucking atomizer, a three-stage tank, are often installed fancy coil.Recommended reason: believe KFLP series is certainly tons of old players within the heart the mouth suck, classics of atomizer SOULMATE there are some like KFLP integral structure, but in many details still cater to the currently utilized in the buyer and style . For fancy coil also features a certain ability of compatibility, tie-in use high nicotine cigarettes or nicotine salt smoke oil can get excellent effect for cigarette.Above is about what new electronic cigarette atomizer in 2020 related introduction, though the electronic cigarette market product quantity more and more small and medium-sized smoke, but other sorts of electronic cigarette products is additionally not stop. within the recent launch of the atomizer product still contains the drops of oil atomizer, storage class big mouth sucking atomizer and smoke cloud storage apparatus, the merchandise type remains very full. In small smoke booming environment, big smoke fan, DIY users can still find themselves cloud server products.

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